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Every year, Nederburg, one of South Africa’s most respected wine estates, commissioned Christmas gift packs that would stand out on shelf. Our first challenge in this particular year was to create something educational for the entry level wine drinker. We answered the brief by creating The Winemaster, a “quiz while you quaff” board game that helped you appreciate wine with Nederburg as your guide. The second challenge was to appeal to the seasoned wine drinker and ensure Nederburg was still in their repertoire. For them, we created a backgammon bag. You could carry your wine in it when you took it to a dinner party or on a picnic, then unzip the bag and play backgammon while you enjoyed the wine. Both ideas were snapped up by Nederburg and relished by wine lovers.

Loerie Special Mention - Nederburg backgammon bag

Winemaster board - Click images to expand

Winemaster guides

Backgammon bag, board & game

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