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Hang Ten

“California Originals return”


Brand relaunch

Hang Ten

Hang Ten was a well-regarded retail surf brand that hadn’t been in South Africa for years. We had to re-launch it from store designs to POS to a conference for the staff. Our theory was that if the staff didn’t understand the heritage of Hang Ten, California Originals, then the customer never would. So we designed a surf holiday conference for them. They got a set of flip flops with the itinerary, a series of postcards from California with all the brand values on them and a wavy writing pad to make notes about everything they learnt. Taking the staff on this journey meant it was much easier to fill them with enthusiasm for the re-launch of the brand because they believed in it.

Hang Ten launch elements - click on images to expand

Hang Ten flip flop invitation

Hang Ten invitation

Hang Ten invitation

Hang Ten notepad

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