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Underground events

Lucky Strike

In the early 2000s, BAT South Africa challenged us to come up with “dark marketing” to appeal to Lucky Strike’s “playful, intelligent” consumer. 


We created themed underground “LIVE” events using deconstructed Lucky Strike logos on everything from postcards to car wraps to club interiors to posters, T-shirts and garment tags, to seed out clues. Through these deconstructed designs people could spot the urls for the next event. Word spread about these “LIVE” events.


We offered our followers, the chance to attend spontaneous events like simultaneous roof top parties held around major cities in South Africa featuring surprise performances by the likes of The Pixies.


We crashed a lot of servers due to popular demand! Bates 141 was also awarded
a BAT global best practice.

Silver Loerie Award for design

Lucky Strike postcard clues - click the images to expand

Lucky Strike postcards

Lucky Strike poster clues

Lucky Strike garment tag clues

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