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Just can't
get enough




L’Oreal Paris

To show just how collectable L’Oréal’s 70 shades of Color Riche is, we chose 1 catchy soundtrack; “Just can’t get enough”. We caught lipstick lovers’ eyes with lips playing with the lipstick packs and lip syncing to the lyrics. So, while you hear “I just can’t get enough”, you see loads of shades of Color Riche in matte, shine and satin finishes. Each part of the campaign celebrates lips and lyrics. We invited women to lose their lipstick inhibitions and seize the shades. Don’t let today be a waste of lipstick.

30s Hero Film

6s Bumper

10s Short Film

Digital Out of Home

Static Out of Home - click image to expand

Facebook Carousel - Monday blues

Facebook Carousel - Current relationship status

Facebook Carousel - Hump day

Facebook Carousel - Nothing to wear

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